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...making the surface of the whole plate "fractured" (not sure if I'm using the word correctly - it's not smooth, looks like the surface has a lot of small grains or dots...). And the reason is the temperature changes! I always used developer at room temperature (so about 21-25 C), very cold running water for stopping wash and fixer also at room temperature. So there was actually 2 temperature changes. Now that i think about it, it surely was devastating to gelatin, weird fact is that it didn't came off completely.
Sounds like you had some reticulation. Reticulaton isn't usually associated wth frilling or detachment; it often occurs without the others being present. One really should try to keep all solution temperatures close to each other. That should help the reticulation problem (if thats what it was) and hardening, as d. points out through the words of Baker, will help with detachment issuses.