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From the press release:

[size=4]"... its commitment to strengthen and expand the Contax brand and line..."[/size]

this is a change in U.S. Distribution not "dumping" the Contax line.
What part of the product line will be expanded? Maybe digital. Not the film cameras. Don't get me wrong, I have skin in the game, too. I have a Contax 645 and 45, 80 and 140mm lenses. I love the camera, other than the battery comsumption issue, the lack of halfstops on the lenses and the fact that it goes to "sleep" to conserve the battery after only 15 seconds. The lenses are great and the camera truly handles like a large 35mm.

But, the handwriting has been on the wall for a long time. the camera has seriously needed upgrades for quite a while and it has never happened. I wouldn't be suprised if they never make another new 645 again. I had considered buying a spare body to cover my lens investment, but I just can't afford to, anymore. I think there will be lots of cameras available for a while and we can always cannibalize used ones to keep our stuff going. That said, I always thought Kyrocea had pretty deep pockets. It's a damn shame...