I put the town name in the title so people understand that I will be nowhere remotely near Bangkok or Chiang Mai.

I will be in Thailand for 6 months. I have never traveled more than 2 months before, so I have always just brought my film home for developing. In this case, I will be living in the same place for 6 months, with a couple side trips. I am perfectly willing to bring tanks, reels, and chemicals with me (and buy graduates and bottles there) but I'm unclear on how to dispose of the chemicals after use. I will be staying in a guesthouse for a few weeks while I look for other housing.

Here in New York, I dump my chemicals down the drain. I know some people disapprove of that, but I've also heard plenty about how it would never effect a city with a water system the size of New York's. And I really have no way of lugging the spent chemicals to any waste site.

Mae Sot though, is a town of perhaps 50,000. I can imagine saving up the used chems in some larger bottles. But what next? Is there any sort of national standard place to dump this stuff, or does it depend on region/city? Does anyone have experience with self-developing film in Thailand?

This is only about b/w. I am definitely not bringing color chems with me --although hoping and praying there is a color lab somewhere! I'm happy shooting mostly b/w but there are some cases when color may be necessary depending on usage of the photos.