I've thought of the idea of flash and I've used it extensively before. However, I'm trying to develop a style that doesn't use flash. I'm quite heavily influenced by people like Jeff Ascough and other non-flash (or don't use it often) users.

I'm thinking maybe loading one camera with Kodak Portra 400H and another one with Kodak Portra 800... and then a medium format camera with... hmm... Portra?
(Or Fujifilm equivalents).

Seems like quite a juggling act, I must say.

Oh, I should note that I have Pentax cameras and lenses (FA31, FA77 for lenses, Pentax 645 with 75mm F2.8 for MF). I only have an MZ-60 at the moment. thinking maybe two PZ-1s or MZ-5n's in conjunction with the 645... trying to simplify it as much as I can!