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I'd put the 'search parameters' bar somewhere less intrusive rather than in prime visual real estate on the screen.
Cheers, Richard
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It's partly the idea, that it's highly visible like a notice -that the feature is available to members.
Sean, I agree with Richard that the bar could be less obtrusive. Main problem is, there are now three brown/grey bars of the same color just below each other (the second menu bar, the search parameters bar, and the title bar of the search results all have the same color), which looks a bit confusing.

Making the search bar another, possibly lighter color, to distinguish it from the second menu bar and the title bar of the search results, will not only make it less obtrusive, but actually also more clearly distinguish it as a separate entity / functionality. And in that sense ironically make it more visible.

Another option is to move it below the search results.

I also don't think the ignore forum option, although justly requested by many and missed, is something that needs to be available all the time. Once you set it a single time, you probably won't use it anymore.