So, some final(?) questions and to confirm things I think I've read elsewhere:
- I can use the same Bleach (Agfa 70 BL) for both E-6 and C-41; do I need to have a separate stash at working concentration for each process?
- Can I use Kodak E-6 final rinse k399 on C-41 or Flexicolor Stabiliser k345 on E-6? (Tetenal sells the same thing for both so I assume so, but the Kodak E-6 rinse is half the price of their C-41)
- does anyone know of a way to put together a ~10L RA-4 kit from AU supplies?

With respect to RA-4, Vanbar have a $90/2.5L Tetenal kit (seems poor value) or you can make up a 40L Fuji set for $290 (much too expensive for now). A Fuji kit (even if not a "kit") of about 5-10L would be nice!

This is what I plan to use; please tell me if I'm missing anything or any of this will cause me grief or sub-optimal results:
E-6: Kodak E-6 first dev, reversal, colour dev and pre-bleach. Agfa 70BL. Kodak E-6 fix and final rinse.
C-41: Kodak Flex LORR colour dev, Agfa 70 BL, Kodak E-6 fix and E-6 final rinse.

Edit: Total from Vanbar is $205 for E-6 and another $46 for the C-41 colour dev (the only component not shared).
Edit2: I think those kxxx part numbers are Vanbar stock numbers not Kodak part numbers. Sorry.