I purchased a Beseler motor base the other day for $15 at a garage sale in the hopes of using it with a Unicolor tube when I could find one to develop my sheet film as described at http://www.largeformatphotography.info/unicolor/

When I purchased the motor base the guy gave me an Ilford Mark II Ilford Processing Drum used for up to 8x10 Cibachromes. As I haven't yet found a unicolor tube I'm thinking about just using this tube like the BZTS tubes but in the daylight. I will go through all of the steps just like using the unicolor, but when I'm through I will soak the sheets in hypo-reducer to remove the anti-halation layer--this tube is flat on the inside unlike the unicolor tube.

If there's anything inherently wrong with this idea or you have any suggestions let me know!