You mention concern over developer volume.

Not sure if you are a mix your own sort when it comes to developers, but I do.
While others have set me back for calling it 777, I have mixed the 777 developer recipe from the unblinking eye site, and am most happy with the results.

It is a deliberately re-used replenished developer. It needed to be 'seasoned' with some scrap films to even start using a fresh tank. I seem to recall my replenishement rate is 60mL per 80 sq in. You need to be able to process at least a few sheets every few weeks to keep its activity consistent. I keep the overflow after replnishment to form a 'seasoner' so that for a 1L tank I start with 1L of fresh stuff, and 250mL of 'old brown', and then there is always enough to fill the tank; I find with just 1L and replenished, that the volume can drop with carry over, etc.