I have some RA-4 Ektacolor sitting around. The tetenal kit says its 5L kit for $90.

You dont use pre-bleach with Agfa 70BL. You rinse/wash between every step.

Kodak E-6 fix works brillo on both C-41 and E-6 at the recommend dilutions.

I cant comment on either of these two or 'final rinse' for RA-4, not having done it, or looked around on APUG for discussions on it.

I assume that the final rinse/stabiliser for both is fine, tetenal even have a 1L (makes 100L) of it for C41/E6 (both) for $34.10, its listed in colour->paper chemistry on Vanbar.

You also need a starter for that Kodak LORR colour dev iirc, vanbar doesn't list it.. ring them (Carlton) and ask if they have a starter for it. Im not sure if thats what the Tetenal Starter is for or not (its stranger to have starter for tetenal on its own like that).

I've made my own starter for flexicolor before.. I need to rediscover how I did it by taking the same steps again.. worked well.

In any case, Kodak SM Dev doesn't need a starter http://www.vanbar.com.au/catalogue/product.php?id=56350 the litre per dollar ratio is a little higher though.

Otherwise I recommend this.. 20L worth of dev, $99
Starter http://www.vanbar.com.au/catalogue/product.php?id=58649
Dev http://www.vanbar.com.au/catalogue/product.php?id=58648

You need a starter for both the first dev and colour dev too fo E-6, but iirc they are all listed, and not expensive.