Been there, (well, not there per se, but in a very similar situation) with somewhat similar results.

Just the other night, shooting some LF from a bridge in Elmira Ontario, some young kid drove by and a shouted out his car window, "hey, how old is that camera?" (the standard question from anyone who has never held anything but but digital) I replied that I guessed it to be 40-something. "Cool, the kid said, and before he sped away, waved a camera out his window, yelling, "this one's 55!"

I've noticed (has anyone else?) that almost every time I go shooting with my 4x5 is an opportunity to post on the "When did you last promote film use" thread. People stop and ask tons of questions. Pull out a TLR and someone will tell you that their father/grandfather had one and it's just collecting dust, and "can you get film for it anymore?" People seem to respect equipment of an obvious age.

Hopefully your cab driver will get put there and use his gear... another person keeping the analog dream alive... another customer for your local camera shops.