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Looks like a combiplan holder adapted to a Paterson tank. The question to me is why.

I am lucky enough to have about 8- 4x5 hanger holders, and a pair of tanks. One will hold 6 hangers and has a daylight light trap cover.

I guess this thing would allow you to load the holder and then do the rest in a daylight tank. It sort of implies that you are shooting 4x5 and developing your own film without access to a darkroom, which seems a strange combination to me. The thought of loading such a holder and getting it into a tank in a changing bag seems to leave a lot to get snagged on something along the way.
Well Mike, I agree that loading this thing in a changing bag looks like it would be a real PITA. But for me, tank processing offers advantages in temperature control that I just find too difficult to maintain when working with open trays. The ambient temperature of my darkroom varies wildly as the seasons change. With open trays, so does the developer temperature. With tank processing, it's an easy thing to set the whole works into a tempering bath. I'm currently using an HP CombiPlan tank for 4x5 sheet film and I'm happy with it. For those who don't already have or for some reason don't like that tank, this device could offer an alternative. It should use about the same amount of chemistry as the HP, and while it is a bit more than you might need in an open tray, it is not terribly excessive.