Since we had a good turnout at the last exchange, I'm organizing another one, we've also opened it up to people in NZ at popular request.

How it works:

- Groups will be 8-12 people depending on how many people sign up
- Each person makes 7-11 identical prints and posts it to the organizer (that will probably be me) along with an info sheet on how you made the print
- The organiser collates everyone's prints and sends you back one print from each person in the group.

The rules:

- Prints can be up to 8x10inch
- Prints must be unmounted
- Prints must be from analog media (ie. negative/transparency, film/paper), commercial printing is acceptable as are inkjet prints as long as it was taken on analog media. However photos taken with a digital camera are not permitted.
- You have to tell us how you made the print
- You must post the prints to the organizer (address will be PM'd after sign-up) before the close date, include stamped self addressed envelope that is large enough for 8x10 prints. You are responsible for ensuring correct postage and adequate protection for the prints from the postage system, water damage etc. Whatever protection you provide for the prints will be the same for the prints we return to you.

The dates:

Sign-up by 30th September 2010
Prints posted by 31st October 2010

So, if you want to sign up please post here:

1. timk
2. ??
3. ??