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haha i allways went out later in amsterdam, i prefered 2am + usually i cycled my calumet in a fiets tassen . i also found that a ballhead mounted on the back rack was great for my crown, bike makes a great tripod especially if you have a older bike with the decent stand.
heres a selection of my attempts

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Nice attempts!

Although I do usually hire a bike when I visit Amsterdam (I live near Haarlem, and take the train to Amsterdam), made much easier with the introduction of the "public-transport bike" (OV-Fiets), I have never thought of using the back rack as a tripod. I do use it to transport my own real tripod though, carrying the rest of my 4x5 kit in a backpack and small camera bag.

My own bike at home has some big cycling bags, so no lack of space to carry stuff.