Not sure if this relates to the 35mm forum, but it has to do with a 35mm camera and 35mm film.So...

I'm starting to plan a trip to Lebanon for this summer to visit family I've never met. Obviously, the Nikon F3 is going with me. I want to take film with me (mostly because I'm not sure what is available there) and I want to bring it back home so that I can process it myself. I'm very concerned about x-rays and nosey customs officers. I may shoot TMAX3200 and I'm concerned about lead bags not being able to protect the film. I'm also concerned about regular film being affected. What have been your experiences going overseas?

I was thinking of keeping the film in a separate lead bag and letting them hand inspect it, but I'm not sure they'll go for it. They're fine with that procedure on domestic flights, but once again this is overseas. Also, even though I'm an American citizen (born and raised here) I have a strange name and I'm wondering if that will draw attention to me.

I'd like to hear about any experiences you have had bad or good. Also, your personal recommendations would be very helpful.
Thanks in advance,