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The Tetenal RA-4 description says 2.5L though. That's probably what I'll do unless I can buy a smaller qty (not 50L!) of Fuji/Kodak chems locally. At least the Tetenal states the area of paper processed; I haven't read enough of the ektacolor docs to figure out L/m^2 consumption.
The Tetenal 2.5L kit is expensive and does not keep well. The developer is rather robust but the blix is NOT. Once it was already bad when I bought it and I live much closer to Germany than you. Unless you're pretty confident you'll use it quickly or not sure whether you'll continue printing I recommend to look for Kodak chemicals in 4x5L packages. Both dev and blix are split into four sets of 2 or 3 separate parts and are known to keep well. The cost of 20L of chemistry is less that 3 times the 2.5L kit.