I'm ALL about the cheep rangefinders.

If a FED/Zorki/Kiev is out (and really, don't knock them just because they're not Leicas or Contaxes -- my Kiev 4 is rock solid and takes great pictures with both the Jupiter 50mm f1.8 and 35mm f2.8 lenses) and a Canonet is out, then the obvious choice is a Yashica GSN or a Yashica Lynx 14.

The GSN series has f1.7 glass, the Lynx has f1.4. The GSN has LED metering that you can see from miles off. The Lynx has a needle that can be hard to see. Both are just rock solid in build, have a beautifully quiet leaf shutter, and take nice photos. The glass is sharp and contrasty. The only downsides are the range/viewfinder might be dim and the rings may have grit under them. A good repair shop should be able to correct both of those.

The alternative, one which I've been salivating over for months, is the Bessa R3a. M mount, modern (AE, metering, etc), but doesn't require the sale of your (or another's) kidney to buy.