I fly to the Middle East from the U.S. (through Amsterdam) and back a couple of times a year, and always do what rogueish and roteague suggest--film in canisters in a ziploc bag and ask for a handcheck. This seems to work flying in both directions. Once in awhile one of the checkers will act impatient (the most film I've had handchecked is probably about 25 rolls), but I've never had anyone refuse to handcheck my film, AS LONG AS at least some of the film in my collection is rated 1600 or 3200. They always ask what the film is rated--if you've just got 800 speed or lower, they'll want to put it through the x-ray machine, but as long as I have even a few rolls of 3200 in my ziplock, they'll handcheck the whole package. They prefer the film out of the canisters, but I try to keep it in the canisters so I don't have to worry about dust going through my camera. I've also put 400 speed film through the x-ray before (once in the U.S., and again in Europe) and haven't had any ill effect, but I don't know how it would fare going through the x-ray two more times on the way home. Enjoy your trip!