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Awesome info! Thank you very much!

I guess I have a couple more questions that are both on and off topic for various reasons.

While visiting a friend in Cayucos, I checked out SLO, Morrow Bay and Pismo. They all seemed like wholesome towns, but a friend said that at least in SLO, there's a lot of crime. I'm not really afraid to move there (or anywhere), but what is it really like in these towns? Are there many homeless people? I don't mean to sound bad, but homeless people make excellent models. Plus a lot of them are intellligent, interesting people who have excellent life stories. Worth throwing them a few bucks and buying them a meal in exchange for being allowed to shoot a couple rolls and get your ear talked off.

Morro Bay Crime in San Luis Obispo? Certainly they must be talking about University students on campus. I don't know about crime in this town except for one murder in several years time span. I don't even know about any car breakins or robberies. The cops have hardly any work to do, honestly. This is a historic spanish mission/colonial city that has been bypassed by whatever population growth has occured in California throughout the years. It's an idyllic location. Forbes magazine rated San Luis Obispo as the number 1 city in USA in terms of desirability to live here. That's really saying something for a city frozen at 45,000 population. The University (California Polytechnic (cal poly) University at San Luis Obispo), is the highest ranked graduate university in the country! There's something special about this place in other ways as well.

As far as homelessness is concerned, well you'll find more homeless per square foot in Los Angeles, to be sure. Probably more homeless in Santa Barbara too. I don't need to mention San Fransicko, do I? But sure, we have homeless people here. But is it out of control? I don't think so. We have a lake, creeks, lots of woods and rolling land. Natural settings that they usually camp out at. Gone in the morning. It's not really in your face. Though, the other week, to be completely fair, there was a jogger on one of our bike trails (a good deal of our bike trails are separate from roads and sidewalks, some go into the woods areas) and he got a busted collarbone from some "transient looking character" that asked him for money and slammed him to the ground when he said he didn't have his wallet with him. I don't know the guy that happened to, but let me tell you this, there's no way that transient looking character would have gotten a chance to do that to me! I'd have put him in the hospital. Anyway, you were asking about homeless people as a photographic study. Go ahead and shoot away! If you need help finding them, I'll show you where they hang out! Laguna Lake Park is one place. San Luis Obispo Creek is another.