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Could be because they (lead bags) don't work. Lead bags are useless against luggage scanners, and may set off a signal for the hand-carried x-ray, requiring a hand-search. Why not just ask for a hand-search in the first place? FWIW, one of the advantages I see of a hand-search is that your camera equipment is being watched and handled by the security people, you need not worry about it being out of your sight.
I wasn't aware that the lead bags triggered a "hand search" at the carry on inspection. I guess it makes sense but, I've never used one. On domestic flights in the US, I have always asked for all of my film to be hand inspected using the exact procedure outlined above (film out of box and handed to inspector in clear plastic zip lock bags with a very simple "please do not x-ray my film"). Never had any problems -- even with nothing faster than 400ISO in the bag. But, that was all roll film on domestic flights (and never in Las Vegas ).