I'm no expert, but recall reading somewhere before, that the current movie industry practice is to archive all digital footage on film. Besides I imagine most of the movie footage that's currently shot is already more than likely digital. Many directors still like to shoot on film stiil, but I wonder if the final result is not digitised for production, having been captured/ shot on film.

I don't think the state of the film production market is in such a perilous state anymore, and has rebounded quite a bit since the initial digital tsunami. Perhaps Fuji/ Kodak may end up selling their film production business, but film is going to be around for quite a while I suspect.

Some companies are being pretty shrewd and marketing film to the older end of the amateur market as a way to simplify again, and just shoot a roll and have someone else worry about the developing and printing. Much of my parents generation do not want to have to go near a computer unnecessarily, and I wouldn't be surprised to see a potentially big swing back to film among the more mature, lower volume enthusiast shooters out there.

Myself, I do not have too much fear of film disappearing. Hell, if there is a sustainable market for 35mm, 120, 4x5 and 8x10 film to remain in production after the backside fell out of the film industry with the mass migration of casual shooters to digital, then I think we'll be ok.

I think the shine has gone off digital these past few years, and sense is returning, with most people now deciding on what to shoot on the basis of what they need. Only way for film is up, the way I see it, regardless of what happens with the movie industry or other current large industry consumers of film.

The film market already reached bottom.