The Xray film is probably surplus and is a much less critical emulsion. It is also coated with less silver today due to the recently improved fluorescent screens used. So, a pro film is harder to make and higher in quality.


I have no idea! I am in the same boat you are, but getting the info a little sooner I guess. Lets wait and see, but I think that film still has a good lifetime. My post is intended to spur you guys to buy film, not to discourage you. Remember the guy here a few years ago predicting that film would be dead by 2008?


I got to see some work by Douglas Trumbull and had a chance to talk to him for nearly 1 hour while he was waiting for his limousine (remember 2001?). Anyhow, the gist of his talk and what we talked about was his work on high speed projection. Yes, picture quality goes way up! And, you can project a single film print in 3D even if shot in 2D. This is in a recent patent by EK.

All is NOT lost. Just keep buying film!