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I got to see some work by Douglas Trumbull and had a chance to talk to him for nearly 1 hour while he was waiting for his limousine (remember 2001?). Anyhow, the gist of his talk and what we talked about was his work on high speed projection. Yes, picture quality goes way up! And, you can project a single film print in 3D even if shot in 2D. This is in a recent patent by EK.

It would be marvelous to get that into quality feature films. Let the action and fantasy films have their 3D and let people discover and demand the higher quality in films where 3D adds nothing but distraction. Maybe it will diffuse back the other direction.
I think the Wow factor will wear off in time, and the question will be if people are willing to pay more for it. I just hope that film projection can persist until then.

One of my biggest complaints regarding moviemaking is about blurring during pans. Maybe the higher frame rate would alleviate that?