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This is a bit Chicken Little-ish. How many 3-D movies are in wide release? How many are showing in your area as a % of local screens? Same goes for "digital" projection. Know how major films are shot? Hmmm, what's in those big double hump magazines attached to cine cameras I see on locations? Just asking...
But I bet the film consumption for making prints for distribution to theatres is a whole lot higher than the film consumption for shooting the original footage.

I've done a little bit of work with digital cinema, though I'm not very plugged into it now. IMHO, it's clear that *distribution* will eventually go all- or nearly-all-digital eventually, for purely economic reasons, and the current 3D craze is giving that migration a significant bump just now. However, it seems like many people in what L.A. calls "The Industry" prefer to *shoot* on film and convert to digital, and the studios still use film as their archival format. As long as those two things are true, the demand for cine film won't go to *zero*---but losing the demand for film prints could put a serious dent in it, with attendant problems for Kodak and Fuji.