Okay guys, so this is a bit of a long story but I'll make it as brief as I can.

Almost four months ago I decided to buy a Mamiya 7 and an 80mm lens. I bought the camera from a reputable camera broker on ebay with a warranty, and bought the lens from KEH. When I first got the camera the calibration was ridiculously far off. I couldn't even make the two images line up - the patch image was either a lot higher or lower, I can't remember. So I called the ebay seller and they told me to send the camera to them and they'd calibrate it.

I get it back a couple of weeks later and it's still totally wrong, not even much better than before. So I get the seller to agree to pay only half of the bill at a local, very reputable camera repair shop in San Diego. I give it to them and get it back not quite right, but much better. So I give it back, they agree it isn't quite right, and try again. Still not quite right. I give it back again and they see the problem but can't figure it out so conclude that something must be wrong with the rangefinder and tell me to send it to Mamiya. They refund me my money and the ebay seller offers me a refund on the camera.

So I found a replacement, a newer 7ii in like-new condition. The seller said he wouldn't agree to have it calibrated if it needed it but insisted it wouldn't. When I got it, it definitely did need to be calibrated - it was quite a ways off. So I decided to send it out-of-state to what is supposed to be one of the most reputable repair shops at least for this particular job. They do a very quick job and send it back and it's still not right - the infinity adjustment had definitely slipped since the guy had set it, there's no way he could've been this far off. He was very surprised but offered to do it again.

When he got it back he said there were some parts that needed to be replaced, which he did free-of-charge. He was surprised at what needed to be done but was confident it was fixed. I wanted to pick up the camera while I was visiting the state the shop was in but our schedules didn't end up working out so he sent it back after I left and I got it last week.

It's still not right. I wasn't totally sure when I first got it back because we had a hazy evening that day, but I definitely saw that the infinity adjustment isn't set right today. I can turn the lens back away from infinity and get the images to line up better - and my lens does stop at infinity like it should. Now, I only have to move the lens verrrrry slightly away from infinity to make it line up better, so am I just being too picky?

I have no idea what to do, because I've sent this camera to the most reputable shop anyone could name for repairing Mamiya 7's TWICE and it's still not right. Has anyone had anywhere near this much trouble? I have very good eyesight so I'm wondering if I'm just seeing things more clearly than the repair men, but I asked him and he said that the infinity adjustment should be spot-on.

What's going on? Sorry for the long post but I'm totally out of ideas. Thanks.