Pete - Boy oh boy I do have to say that the exhibition was outta sight!!! It is sooo cool that the tickets give you 2 days entrance so we can go back one more time to scope the images. The thing that I was thrilled about the most was that these are not ALL the USUAL SUSPECTS, but a lot of "sorta known" photgs; to me at least. While I may be on the wrong side of half a century; it was a pleasure to look at folks work that was well before I was born. Going to go back during the week. Thanks again!! BTW for what it is worth ARPI sure has a limited supply of B&W stock and the staff in the Pro Dept really feel like they don't much give a damn. NOT like they are rude or anything....but they shrug their shoulders when asked if T-Max or Delta 3200 will be available....."Not my department" seemed to be the non verbal "shrug". Pity that as they could earn some $$$ from me. Anyway anyone who ever shot silver should see the show in Barcelona at the Modern Art Museum "Prague, Paris & Barcelona"!!!!