Just For Seven Days !
I'm going on vacation tomorrow, to Bermuda !
It will be my first vacation in 9 years with the XE-7,
and Co., And My Final Few Rolls Of Kodachrome !
I'm more excited to be reunited with my favourite
camera and film, than the actual vacation time.

And it's all thanks to APUG !

After last years vacation, I realized that I needed to
Ditch The Digital. I started looking around to buy
some film holders and I came across APUG.
At first I checked out the site for a few days, and
didn't see the need to register, or subscribe.
But then I realized that after nine years of digitalism,
that everyone else was on the bandwagon too.
So there was no locals left to talk to about photography
or darkroom work. Then I realized that an APUG subscription
was a worthwhile investment. And I was really in shock when
I went to the camera shop to buy film, and found out Kodachrome
was discontinued. So much changed in such a few short years.
Thanks to Sean we have this great community to help us out.

And where else would PE be able get his nuggets cracked
so thoroughly. I'm amazed by the rubbish that gets dumped on him
sometimes. Thankfully he keeps coming back for more !