Anyone looking for a darkroom sink option, here's an idea I had...

Basically, I want to use an inexpensive plastic cart with a raised edge as a shallow sink, using a water supply that comes from the wall (or a hose) and cutting a drain into it, using hose to route the outflow to my drain in the floor.

I will post updates on how it works in a few months if/when I get this thing up and running.

Looking to buy the cart locally or from, which has a house brand that's much less expensive than Rubbermaid.

EDIT: Elsing, laboratory/industrial supply sites might have carts that meet your needs, too...seen a bunch while poking around the net for my stuff.

Also, anyone have an idea for a cheap enlarger stand? Saw some workstands for drill presses, etc, but it seems expensive. Might try a stack of milk crates four-square and several high, taped or otherwise banded together...thoughts? Also considering kitchen carts or the like.