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Bermuda! Been there twice. Loved it every time, but didn't enjoy Emily in 1987.
One has to ask but did Emily enjoy your attentions She might still be traumatized 13 years later . . . . . . .

So the Wind Cried Mary . . . . . .

Have fun Ron.

I'm off around the Aegean/Med in 2 days, the wonderful Dubrovnik, really great people, Venice, well fortunately it's in Italy and they only let the riff raff emigrate to the US

Bari, the wife says is dangerous I found th locals really great, more wonderful Italians.

Then Greece and Olympia, they were poor architects in Sparta, the Stadium at Aphrodisias is far more impressive.

The only dilemma is what formats. 6x6 6x17, 5x4 and dddddggggtttll.

The 6x17 needs an outing so that makes the choices simpler, but it would only be used here.