I have trouble with my Nikon FM, and my Nikonos V, in fact I have lost a roll of film in my Nikonos V to this.

Here is something I have learned. On the FM once I think I have it loaded I rewind the film until I have some tension in it so that when I wind the camera I can see the rewind knob turn when I advance the film that way I know the film is advancing.

On the Nikonos V it is a little tricker and requires a little bit of faith. Most Nikonos owners know this, but I can not stress enough that the camera must be dry when loading film, yes, there are people that have loaded Nikonos cameras underwater. When loading the Nikonos I leave the rewind knob up and tension the film like I do on the FM, then when I see the rewind knob is turning as it should I advance to frame 0 then push the knob down. On the Nikonos there are two things to remember, one is that the rewind knob does not turn when it is down, two is that on the Nikonos if the knob is up the camera is not watertight. Never put a Nikonos V in the water with the rewind knob up, you will flood it.

On my Pentax 6X7 I have trouble aligning the spools right, I have learned to not remove the paper band until I have the spool in place and locked in. Doing this makes my life a lot easier.