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As mentioned: not only will it work, it'll work well....

...As certain film options go off the market, we'll simply rediscover all the ingenious things that people used to do. It'll be fun, it really will.

Stephen Frizza's example there is an awesome one.

The comment about static subjects could be rememedied with a one-shot camera...

Dye-transfer is definitely not the only way to do this and as has been discussed, is a difficult process to "jump into" due to the lack of supplies readily available. Tri-color carbon would probably be a better option, carbro, etc. Not to mention tri-color gum bichromate. Or, one could tone the separations individually with chemical and/or dye-toning to achieve loose seps that could be registered for the sake of display/scanning/printing.


Lastly, I'd like to know more on the last comment about IR screen-plate (autochromes) photographs. I actually had this same idea but can't quite reason how it could be done. The screen would have to go thru a registration shift, since the encoding filter would have to be opaque and the viewing filer would have to be red....... [... another day i s'pose]