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so I first tried a pure platinum print. That was a failure - really underexposed (my fault) and it looked really thin - I'm guessing too low a drop count. Re-did it with an 80/20 Platinum/Palladium mix and a higher total volume of solution. Better, got the exposure about right, but the contrast was still off. So I decided to try a double-coated print, as it's supposed to yield better contrast. It definitely worked. I was able to see far more detail in my shadows than I was before, and the blacks are snappier. Now the decision is, is it worth it?
Have you tried printing pure platinum prints that are brush developed in glycerin and potassium oxalate? This procedure is described in Sullivan & Weese's New Platinum Print. The method works very well. However it's a bit too expensive for my wallet, I've only made 3 pure platinum prints with that technique.