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I did my first double-coated pt/pd print today. I had an image that really begs for the cool platinum image tone much more than the warm palladium, so I first tried a pure platinum print. That was a failure - really underexposed (my fault) and it looked really thin - I'm guessing too low a drop count. Re-did it with an 80/20 Platinum/Palladium mix and a higher total volume of solution. Better, got the exposure about right, but the contrast was still off. So I decided to try a double-coated print, as it's supposed to yield better contrast. It definitely worked. I was able to see far more detail in my shadows than I was before, and the blacks are snappier. Now the decision is, is it worth it?
Did you take a density reading of the double coated print? We have been discussing related issues over at the hybrid forum at length, here : http://www.hybridphoto.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2047

I will be testing Penn's method of double coating on sheets of paper bonded to aluminium in the next couple of weeks to see if their is a significant difference using a platinum/palladium mix.