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I thought the meet up is Saturday, Sept 11th. Is that right?

You are correct Derek! That is currently the date we are planning...

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Great idea of meeting at DPP David, I think that's a great place to meet. It is close to the gates rubber factory that some have stated interest in. I think it's perfect. What do you think Mike? Any no votes on that? If we can agree I don't mind calling Travis to set something up unless you want to Mike. How about a time? I think it would be cool so shoot from late after noon into sundown. Say 5pm-7ish? Maybe meet at DPP around 4 and head out around 5? what do you think?
I think it sounds like a great idea to meet at DPP. Takes care of figuring out a meeting place, plus gives me a chance to check out DPP. Derek, I can't see anybody voting no, but you never know! Go ahead and set something up with Travis and let us know. Thanks so much for jumping in on this! We appreciate it!