This days I am in negotiations with myself about "To get a Rolleiflex 3.5E planar, or not". I found a good seler with good price and he can send me anytime.

But I have some troubles about choosing the camera 'smart' or 'practicaly'.. I am not a professional photographer, but hobbyist who use 35mm film cameras and advanced P&S, and I don't shoot that much often, so I would not use the rollei that often but mostly for some outdoor portraits of friends & family, but planning sooner for some photoshoots with persons, band members, etc.

What stucks me in also is that in my country i know only one seller who have some expired portra 160/400 vc and t-max 400, both expired 2005, but he won't have this films forever, after that I'm unable to buy any 120mm film, only some garbage 35mm at local stores. I'll need a scanner too. The lab in my town scanes and develops 35/120mm films, but shooting paralel 35 and 120 film + developing and scanning might cost me very much.

Indeed, I don't really need the quality of the medium format need but I like to try. Practicaly it's not clever getting in this mess, emotionaly - it is.

I don't know will I regret buying, or regret not buying.