Okay, I talked to Travis over at Denver Pro Photo. He is super supportive of the analog shooter and seemed pretty excited about us meeting up there. He said we can park our cars there and go shoot. It is a little short notice for him but if he has some time he can give us a tour of there sound stages and photo studios in the back of the building. I think that would be cool. There hours on Saturday are 9:00 am - 3:00 pm. So, we will have to meet up in that window of time for this meet up. I am going to suggest 2:00 pm to meet at DPP. That gives us an hour to get our selves together take a quick look at DPP if Travis has the time and then off to shoot for a couple of hours. If anyone wants to grab a beer after wards then there is that too. What do you all think?

Travis seemed really interested in putting something together for all the analog shooters in the Denver metro area at Denver Pro Photo. So I hope this will sort of grow into something cool for the local film shooters. Let's hope so. Thanks David, for the tip to call Travis.