I don't have an enlarger at the moment [although I used to], but was thinking about printing some medium format negatives -- 6x9s, maybe some 'diptychs' of 6x6s, that sort of thing -- using contact printing methods, probably on relatively small paper sizes. 5" x 7" maybe.

I'm in the UK and am looking for a source for relatively slow paper, so I can expose it using a contact frame [which I'll make] and an ordinary light -- a small lamp, or overhead bulb. I've read about Fomalux [although I'm having a hard time sourcing the resin coated version], but is there anything else that isn't going to give insanely short exposure times?

Also, slower papers of this type, can I get away without using a safe light? The room I'd be using only has a very small amount of soft orange light coming in through a window [sodium type light from distant street lights] at night. Would this fog the paper in the short time I'd be exposing it before it goes into the dev and fix? I may actually still have an old safe light somewhere, but if not, it'd nice to be able to get started right away.

I'm looking for a paper I can source easily in the UK, not something I have to order from the US.