Friends second marriage, they love my photography and want ME to record their event (I'm a guest with my wife as well so go figure). Never shot a wedding before. It is not formal, per se, more on the casual side, starting at 4:00pm eastern, so a little outdoors (weather permitting) and mostly indoors. The question is...what would do the trick so I can have some fun and not bring a suitcase full of gear.

This is what I have, with every lens for Leica and Contax 645 and enough Nikon, and I'm just indecisive on what to use for the job (non-paid obviously). My heart says Leica but I'm thinking the F6 with an SB800 will do nicely indoors..Help!!

Leica M7, MP
Nikon F6
Rolleiflex 2.8f
Contax 645
Fuji 645i

Film wise..I would say Reala 100, Portra 160NC, FujiPro 400H, Tri-X, maybe some delta 3200 or P3200 for indoors, or Neopan 1600..

Thanks SO VERY MUCH, for any advice. Much appreciated!