As to safelight - look at theatrical gel over the window; Rosco 26 or 27, or the Lee equivalent to give you a red filtered window light. Or balnk out the window and put the gel into a conventional battery powered torch reflected off the ceiling.

Consider using a 15w incandescant lamp something like 4' over the printing frame; then go with a dimmer or diode in the power circuit if that is too much hassle.

The other option is to fog and under develop a piece of flilm the size of the contact frame to make a neutral density filter to allow you to use conventional RC paper, of the likes of Ilford MGIV RC.

As to washing FB, yes, changing baths intermittently will work, but better is to fix at film strength, and rinse vigourously after a short fix, before the paper fibres have a chance to swell, end then make things a bitch to wash out.

There again are theatrical filters for green and blue that could be placed over the contact frame for varying percentages of the net total exposure to allow you to do VC with the contact frame.