Awww shucks, you folks, what a lovely thought.

Just so you understand here, I'm not upset, angry or worried about this change. I'm not down to my last few dollars either. It's quite liberating in fact. I get to walk away with a modest fistful of $ after 11 years with my current employer, I get to move back to my old home town and spend lots more time with my family and I have a completely unknown work future ahead of me which is both slightly nerve-wracking and terribly exciting and invigorating at the same time. I have zero doubt I'll easily get some kind of job, I just don't know what that work will be just yet.

It's almost certain I won't have the time or access to my darkroom stuff to do my own B&W hand-made prints because I'm now in the middle of packing house, preparing to sell house, project managing various things on the block of land I've bought near Mackay to make it liveable in 7 weeks and then moving up to live there around the beginning of November to either start work or to continue the job hunt. So yes, busy, busy, busy. BUT, I may be able to get a colour print done in a lab that I can use for the exchange so I'm not completely ruling myself out yet. Hey, I need to make use of the 45mm and 55mm lenses I've just bought for my Mam645, right?