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I can't help you with the scanner, but I've got a crapload of 120 and about to get more. Mind you, my new medium format camera is on the way so I'm going to be using most of the 120 film myself, but I may be able to spare a few rolls when your source runs out. I don't know how much your source has, but I've gotten easily over 100 rolls of 120 from mine so far and he still has plenty more. I wouldn't mind selling you a little bit when the time comes. Keep in touch, my friend and we can work something out.
Thank you for offering such help. I'll have that in mind.

That's a huge amount of films you have, enjoy it. I have about 7 rolls of Portra 160vc and 3 tmax 400 (both expired 2005). Maybe it was clever to put them in a frige during the summer but I was kind of unsure about that, so I kept them in a enough cold place on ground floor. Should I put them in a fridge?