Lead bags are NOT a waste.

Xray exposure is cumulative, so while one machine may be film safe, send your film through it enough times and you will see fogging. Your trip from RI to Beirut is going to involve one if not more connections, so you're going to go through about 6 machines at a very minimum.

European and Middle Eastern security checks don't give two rats about TSA guidelines. If they say you aren't going to get a hand check and their machine is film safe, you aren't going to get a hand check - at least not by asking. And if you insist, you will miss your plane.

This is where the lead bag comes into the picture. Keep your film in it, and pass it in the hand luggage machine. One of two things will happen: it comes out the other end and you walk away (99% of the time), or the operator sees a lead bag and is then required by his regulations to hand check it.

I've been using the bag for two years and about 30 round trips, and have had one, and only one security machine operator say "hey, there's a lead bag in there".
Another little anecdote: I have had Delta 3200 roll film go through 8 machines and display no fogging. It does help that the f+b of Delta 3200 is already very high, but I now do believe that the machines are quite safe, and the fear we have is quite exagerated.