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I was asked to take some pics at a family wedding 3 years ago, although they hired a "pro" (quotes deliberate) for the main shots. It was a learning experience I strongly recommend using flash at the reception - I tried to do 3200-6400 or higher ISO shots (on Delta 3200 and Tri-X) with no flash to not ruin the mood, but that largely didn't work out (lighting was turned down extremely low - I tried metering it, it came out to 3-4 EV generally). Also, it was an open bar and the guests were very well lubricated and couldn't have cared less about flash at that point
Yes, flash will likely be a must here. Weather is going to be awful probably and most, or the entirety of the event, will be inside. Considering that it is a restaurant, I doubt that lighting will be anything great. I will bring a Leica fitted with a Noctilux and a few rolls of Delta or P3200, just in case.