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I was asked to take some pics at a family wedding 3 years ago, although they hired a "pro" (quotes deliberate) for the main shots. It was a learning experience I strongly recommend using flash at the reception - I tried to do 3200-6400 or higher ISO shots (on Delta 3200 and Tri-X) with no flash to not ruin the mood, but that largely didn't work out (lighting was turned down extremely low - I tried metering it, it came out to 3-4 EV generally). Also, it was an open bar and the guests were very well lubricated and couldn't have cared less about flash at that point
Yes, flash will likely be a must here. Weather is going to be awful probably and most, or the entirety of the event, will be inside. Considering that it is a restaurant, I doubt that lighting will be anything great. I will bring a Leica fitted with a Noctilux and a few rolls of Delta or P3200, just in case.
But will the minister allow flash during the ceremony? These among other things need to be looked to ahead of time. If you get a flash, make sure you have a wide angle screen for anything shorter than 50mm or you will get a dark band on the bottom of the photographs. Make sure you get it all right.