If you really want to have fun take all the photos you can BEFORE and right after the ceremony, maybe a few of them exchanging vows. Ask them to get table cameras for the reception, honestly I believe that the photographer should leave when the reception starts anyway (if they are not a guest). At my wedding my friends got great photos of us dancing and the jackass photographer was in every one framing up his lousy shot.

I would use the F6 (the Leica would have won if you had a flash for it) for the before shots, and I would shoot ONE and only ONE roll of medium format outdoors of the bridal party then dump that camera in the trunk of the car. Either finish off the roll of 35mm or only shoot only one roll (24 or 36 your choice) of 35mm at the reception, then lock that in the car as well. Finish off your night with disposables, then they can blend those into an album with everyone's shots. As for film, your on your own, check out the location and decide what film you think will work best there.

Try to remember to get to the Bride as soon as her hair is done, and stay with her until the reception.