OK - This should not bother me. I also do digital when no one is looking. There - I said it. But not as art! Jeepers. One of my personal heros has moved in that direction. The one who, through his books, taught me so much about chemistry and the harmony of all things in creating a photograph to make it sharp. I bought a Rollei based on his observations. I love his Catechol based brews. Yes, Barry Thornton is being pulled in by the dark side. I am so dissapointed. It is like hearing that Weston put his cameras away and only paints now. Or finding out that Kodak will stop making TRI-X. Or worse! that Gordon is now advocating XP2 films! I know this is a silly rant. But I still think there is too much to do with silver and chemistry that is beautiful and lasting to focus future energies on a technology that will fade or decay in optical or magnetic media. It is just so ... inorganic.

I know I sound crazy - and - I'll get over it.