I just co-photographed a wedding (my first) and here are some tidbits that may help.
-make a check-list of the shots they want.
-get there early to scout the area. Some shots of setting up the event can be fun.
-You need to work fast. i'd say to use the f6 as your main with a normal zoom and fill flash.
-having a 2nd camera works great. the contax or fuji would be good, or a digital. I carried a bag over my shoulder with a 2nd camera with a different focal length. I could grab the other camera faster than changing a lens. You can also load the 2nd cam with different film.
-Get close. a short tele sounds ideal but indoors you wont have much room. Dont be afraid to use a wide angle, but again, get close else your subject will be small in the photo.
-use fill in artificial light. The wrong color balance will murder your shots.
-Use a tripod for the staged shots.
-Get creative. Have fun!