OK, you seem determined to do this. Let me give you one more bit of advice and a horror story.

If you speak to pro wedding photographers you will find that most have one steadfast rule -- only the photographer and his assistants can take photos in the church (or wherever the ceremony is held). Anyone can take photos at the reception but the church is off limits. Many include this restriction in their contract and urge that quests be so advised. Some pros go as far as to have an assistant check the guests when they enter. I like to think of this rule as the "Uncle Maury and his Instamatic" rule. There is usually one Uncle Maury at most weddings. If you are particularly unfortunate there may be more than one. Uncle Maury will try to steal your shots; he will cut in front of you or shoot over your shoulder or just get in the way. Not only is this annoying, it is distracting. Many pros will find that if they cannot neutralize Uncle Maury they are apt to find themselves accused of charging too much. This usually goes something like tis, "You charge too much. Look at these photos that Uncle Maury took, they're just like yours and it didn't cost us a penny". Be warned, be very warned.

My horror story is this. I promised to take photos for friends. When I showed up on the day of the ceremony I was appalled to find both the bride and the groom stoned out of their minds. Whenever I would point a camera at the bride she would start crying. This was not a ladylike sniff and the dabbing of a handkerchief to the eye, this was shoulder shuddering sobs with copious tears. Nothing I could do would calm this behavior. The groom had a different problem. He appeared to have lost control of one eyelid. This made him look like he was constantly winking at the camera. Needless to say the couple was unhappy and I was threatened with a law suite and had to eat all my expenses.

Anyway good luck and I hope things go well for you. Post with what happened with your shoot.