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First, don't shoot homeless people. It's cheap and hardly ever makes for good street photography.
The exceptions, IMHO, are mainly cases of portraiture, like Bill Jay's "Men Like Me". It's the difference between "shooting HOMELESS people" and "shooting homeless PEOPLE".

Personally, I don't seem to have the right body language for street shooting; people invariably notice me, and while they don't get confrontational they usually turn away. I've basically given up trying, except for the occasional "environmental portrait" type of shot.

ISTR that in a previous thread on this, someone mentioned using a TLR, putting a bit of black tubing on the focus knob, and facing as if *that* were the lens, so people thought they were shooting 90 degrees off from where they were. It's a clever idea.

Finally, I'd like to note that the search page truncated the title of this thread to "Street photography without pissing", and my immediate reaction was "well, I've never had *that* problem!"