Thank you, ALL! You guys are the best!
Like I've said, this gig is beyond low key. My friend is trying to get away with spending the least amount of money on this one so..sometimes you get what you pay for
I'm going in with plenty of confidence and I think decent skills..I CAN DO IT

Looks like the F6 fitted with an SB800 (hoping to obviously bounce a lot, and praying for no low, dark ceilings), my 85mm Nikkor f1.4 and a new Zeiss Distagon ZF 35mm. Maybe a 135mm DC for portraits if it makes sense outdoors. The Leica will be for black & white with a Noctilux f1 and a Summilux 35 to be fast and nimble.
I know I should not mention the D word but, just for reference, last year I shot a Haiti Relief (on my Flickr page) event with a Noctilux @ f1 in its entirety @2500ISO (no flash and crappy light) and it turned out well.
If the weather changes for the better, will probably use the Contax 645 for outdoors, as I have three backs and can easily change things around, film wise.
Of course I could also get a flash for the M9 and scrap this whole thing...but that would be like cheating on my wife