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That's nice. However, if someone is posting a neg scan and stating that it is a neg scan, they are obviously not trying to represent their darkroom printing ability. They are showing their compositional choices, their cropping choices, their feeling for the appropriate contrast, the effect of the film and developer combo, where they went on the weekend with their film camera, etc, etc. I cannot see how a neg scan is in any way a dishonest representation of any of these things. (It might be if you start seriously manipulating the image, but you can do that with a print scan too if you are that kind of person.)

Viewing the APUG gallery as a vehicle for only finished paper products unnecessarily limits its usefulness, and gives us all fewer interesting photos to look at.


I may add that manipulating a print is pretty much the norm, as it is a negative. One would be hard pressed to find a successful print which required no work in the darkroom. The tools are different but the intent is the same.